Working from Home – Is it a Necessary Option?

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Working from home has become quite the luxury and invaluable benefit that many employees have come to know and love. MRINetwork 2017 Recruiter Sentiment Study polled 265 MRINetwork executive recruiters worldwide, along with 100 employers and 263 candidates across the U.S., and found that 68% of recruiters and 53% of employers state that job candidates expect to work remotely somewhat often to very often. One MRINetwork recruiter is quoted, “Providing people with the opportunity to work remotely – whether full-time or a few days a week – allows you to access a larger talent pool, while offering flexibility to those who don’t want a long commute, or simply just need to be more accessible to their families.”

Working remotely provides a work-life balance that many candidates are asking for as part of their top requirements when searching for jobs. Over half of those surveyed say that having a work-from-home option is somewhat to extremely important when considering new jobs. Another recruiter states, “In-demand candidates have choices. The more specific or rare their skill set is, their options increase, especially if they work in a field where competition for candidates is fierce. If they don’t want to relocate or work five-day weeks in an office environment, they may turn down a solid offer if they can’t work remotely.”

But with that being said, larger companies are wanting to reel their remote workers back into the office to increase collaboration, creativity, mentoring and innovation. The intent is commendable, but compromise through advancing technology needs to be made. Nancy Halverson, GM for MRINetwork, says, “The work environment and culture have to support and encourage working together, sharing ideas and rewarding innovative thinking. The ability to work from home is here to stay. Collaboration and innovation are vitally important, but technology is continually advancing, empowering remote workers to be indispensable contributors to their in-office teams. Ultimately, smart employers will find their workforce is stronger and more effective when it creates an environment generating productivity from both work-from-home and in-office workers.”

Source: Wolters Kluwer | Employers look to reduce work-from-home options, but job candidates not on board

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