Contrary to Popular Belief…Millennials Seek Learning Opportunities from Their Employers

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Impraise, a real-time feedback and performance review software company, surveyed a group of Millennials and found that 63% look for jobs at learning organizations where they are able to train, attend workshops, and have access to company-funded postgraduate schooling.

Millennials with less than 2 years of professional experience state that the top motivator to take a position is having the opportunity to grow and learn leadership skills. Of those surveyed, 55% find that leadership opportunities are a key consideration when choosing a job.

As we stated in our June 12th blog, Millennials crave feedback and recognition. Impraise found that more than three-quarters of Millennials say they perform better when managers intervene and monitor their work, as well as insisting on monthly one-on-ones and constant feedback – with 41% wanting feedback on a weekly basis and 33% wanting feedback whenever they request it. Face-to-face, real-time feedback is the most preferred, but a close second is the use of feedback tools.

So what should your company be doing for the future workforce?

  1. Be aware of Millennials’ expectations in terms of training feedback. Make sure they are aware of learning and growth opportunities within your organization.
  2. Familiarize managers and supervisors with that strategy and rationale behind it. For example, as a top motivator for this new generation of workers, in particular, training is a valuable recruiting and retention tool.
  3. Make sure managers and supervisors are held accountable for promoting training opportunities to employees and providing both real-time and structured feedback on job performance.

Source: HR Daily Advisor | Study: Millennials Seek Employer-Sponsored Learning Opportunities

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