Crawford Advisors consulting talent and tools help manage healthcare costs and improve employee health and productivity

ACA Compliance Video
When it comes to benefits and compliance today, companies face unprecedented cost increases, compliance challenges and increased scrutiny. Learn about solutions to these challenges in this concise video.

Crawford Advisors Data Analytics by Verisk
Powerful Population Data Analytics Powered by Verisk.

The Crawford Advisors Advantage
A 60 second overview of the Crawford Advisors Advantage program, a comprehensive approach to Health & Welfare Benefit plans that deliver a compelling ROI while enhancing plans for employees and employers.

Crawford Advisors Broker Checklist
Your Employee Benefits broker should provide a wide range of services to your company and employees, from Web Enrollment to ensuring Healthcare Reform compliance. See how your broker compares.

High Limit Disability Insurance
Learn about the importance and nuances of high limit disability plans.

Defined Contribution for Employers
Crawford Advisors Defined Contribution Plans provide organizations stable healthcare costs and increased flexibility.

DOL Audits under PPACA
How to prepare your organization in the event of a Department of Labor PPACA audit.

Ask Emma – Crawford Advisors Personal Benefits Advisor
Fast and easy online benefits selection are now available for employees, using Crawford’s advanced tools.

Crawford Advisors Pay or Play under the Affordable Care Act
Understanding the requirements of “Pay or Play” under the Affordable Care Act.

Crawford Advisors Corporate Overview
Crawford Advisors is one of the largest Employee Benefits agencies in the United States. We specialize in a wide variety of COBRA, ERISA, Corporate Compliance, and welfare benefit plans, tailored to fit your needs.

Crawford Advisors HRA Projection Model
A description of the Crawford Advisors high deductible HRA model, which can save companies 25% or more on benefit premium, without interrupting coverage or changing the benefits that employees see.

Crawford Advisors Innovative Benefits Solutions